The Hero Light

The Hero Light


1 January 2016    


The Unitarian Church Hall
Emmanuel Road, Cambridge, CB1 1JW

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A wild epic from Irish mythology in a one-man show by Dominic Kelly.

There is a boy. He is the fiercest, the bravest, most feared warrior in all Ireland. Her has the blook of the royals rushing through his veins and the divine light of a hero across his brow. And his name is Cu Chulainn.

Ireland’s wild and rugged landscape is the setting for this tale of divided factions and warring kings. These stories of mystery and magic, of loves and passions and mischief and tragedy, have shaped Irish mythology for thousands of years.

Dominic masterfully weaves their threads into an epic immersive experience, with his trademark commitment, wit and energy. From an empty stage, he conjures fallen kings and warrior queens, lovers, tricksters and troublemakers, giants and demi-gods, bloody wars and beasts of legendary proportions, creating a living, breathing landscape before our eyes.

The show is an extraordinary journey into the cinema of the imagination.

‘Compelling, funny and heartbreaking.’
The Times