The Shahnameh: the Epic Book of Kings

The Shahnameh: the Epic Book of Kings


30 January 2016    
19:00 – 21:00


The Junction (J3)
Clifton Way, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 7GX

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An Adverse Camber production, in association with Cambridge Storytellers. Xanthe Gresham Knight, dazzling performance storyteller, dives headlong into the majestic mythology of Persia, performing episodes from The Shahnameh – the Epic Book of Kings – accompanied by the remarkable Kurdish Iranian musician, Arash Moradi. Immerse yourself in a passion-filled world of adventure, lust and romance, where supersized heroes and magical horses challenge the selfishness of Kings. Fathers and sons meet as strangers on the battlefield and a young man, condemned by a femme fatale Queen, journeys through fire. Two outstanding artists bring exhilaration, energy, poetry and humour to this sweeping ancient history of Iran. The Shahnameh was written between 977 and 1010 by the Iranian poet Firdawsi and contains stories of creation up to the 7th Century, including tales of epic hero Rostam and historical figures like Alexander the Great.

Tickets can be purchased via The Junction.

‘Gresham unwraps each tale like the petals of a lotus flower. At the end of the evening you leave with something beautiful created in your own mind.’
British Theatre Review